Created for every "Body", this event brings together a triad of activities to fuel your mind, body and soul in the beautiful outdoors.


5 Km Run/WALK

Surrounded by friends and family, the Just Breathe Wellness Experience will kick off with the 5km event. We welcome you to walk, run, skip or dance your way through the forested trails of Laurel Creek Conservation Area.  Take this at your own pace, in your own time, in your own way – just enjoy a full breath of fresh air along the way.


Your 2nd event is a fun-filled flow style yoga practice led by one of our local yogis. Partake in all of it, part of it, or just chill out in Savasana and enjoy the sunshine – it’s really up to you!


Your 3rd event is a guided mindfulness/meditation session with one of our local meditation guides. Use the natural surroundings as an invitation to step away from your thinking minds and enjoy the present moment.

Enjoy All Day

Live music, local crafts people, artists and artisans

registration $55.00


EveNT Location

Laurel Creek Conservation Area
625 Westmount Road N.
Waterloo, ON